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For a year that has gone by so fast and has been filled with both up and downs, we can finally say,”Hello” to December.  I have to admit that I’m having a hard time believing that we only have 31 more days until we welcome 2012 – unbelievable!

It is that time of year when family and friends ask us the dreaded question, “What do the kids want for Christmas?”  Don’t get me wrong, it is awesome and such a blessing that we are surrounded by family and friends who love our kids just as much as we do and want to give them gifts for Christmas.  So awesome!  We are so blessed.  As the kids get older, it gets harder to think of what to tell these gift-givers.  Reflecting over the Thanksgiving weekend, we’ve realized something that we have always sort of known all a long – we have plenty.  Surprisingly, we were able to figure what little things our children might need or might want and were able to share those with our family and friends.

If my kids are lacking anything, it would be time.  Between school, homework, practices, games over the weekend, recitals, there isn’t much room for special time with Mom or Dad.  So this Christmas, I am going to give my children each the gift of time.  No, not the kind that is green and grows in your garden and makes your food taste extra delicious.  But a special Date with Mom, just the two of us.  Just thinking about it makes me so excited and happy that I know that they will love it too.

So how do you give the gift of ‘Time’?  A little while ago, I purchased a personal letterpress machine that is currently gathering dust in my office.  So I thought, what better way to give it a spin than now.  I plan on designing a ticket to present to each of the kids on Christmas day.  It will entitle them to one special date with Mom.  Dinner and a movie, a sporting event, a concert, a play, the ballet, high tea – they get to pick.

I can’t wait to get started on designing their tickets.  I can’t wait to give them their gift.  I can’t wait to spend special one-on-one time with them and just be with them and see what awesome people they are growing up to be!
Here are a few super inspiring ticket-style invitations.
1. Concert Ticket Invites  Marit Hanson  2. Circus Themed Invites by Thoughtful Day  3. Vintage Ticket Save-the-Date by TheOHello


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