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Crafting | Thankfulness



Hello, friends.  I’m happy that you decided to stop by today.  The way I see things, there is no better time to start a family tradition than now.  Last year, our family made an Advent Tree during Christmas time.  We hung little tags with different things to do during the Advent season.  For us, it was a great way to shift the conversation over to what can we do for others, what are simple things we can do to celebrate the upcoming birth of Jesus, what is something fun we can do as a family, and away from “I want this, this and this.”

The kids had a great time coming up with the different activities to write onto the cards, it was really a fun experience for everyone.  Each day a different person would pick from the tree and that was the activity that we all did together.

Looking back at the year, we have had our ups and downs as a family.  But through it all, we are incredibly blessed.  It is something that I want to hammer into my children – just how blessed we all are.  So when the kids get home from school this will be waiting for them.

I am still unsure of how we will go about the ‘thankful’ process.  But I am sort of leaning towards everyone, Mom + Dad included, will write one thing they are thankful for each day.  By Thanksgiving, I’m hoping we’ll have a whole tree of gratitude!  I will share a photograph of our Thankful Tree in a few days.


Supplies|Advent Tree:  Advent Boxes by Ali Edwards.  Goodness + Light Mini Kit by Andrea Victoria.

Supplies|Thankful Tree: Salamat Paper Pack by Andrea Victoria.

Inspired Spooky | 10.31.11



Happy Halloween! We are on our way out the door to have dinner with our neighbors before we partake in some Trick or Treating.  Before for we go, I want to share some Halloween inspired pictures.
Who doesn’t love a husband who get’s you, get’s you so much that he picks Halloween colored anniversary flowers to you can take pictures of them for your blog.

This year, it was Girls vs. Boys | Halloween Pumpkin Carving.  Here’s what we came up with.

Vampire Hello Kitty for the girls.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack for the boys.

Have a safe and spooky Halloween!

Sneak Peek | 2012 CD Calendar



Last night, as I was driving home from my son’s soccer practice, I passed by a house that was very festive.  No, they did not have a giant inflatable pumpkin, or even a huge inflatable turkey.  They had Christmas lights!  Nicely strung, green and red mix with icicle lights, too!

After I got over the craziness of it, it dawned on me – the year is almost over!  November is almost here, soon after we will be celebrating Christmas and then the new year.

And that realization turned into this:

The new 2012 CD Calendar.

Which will be available soon at Designer Digitals!  These make wonderful hand-made gifts for relatives, friends and teachers.  Who doesn’t love hand-made gifts?  I’m actually thinking about doing more of that this Holiday season.  Do you have any creative hand-made gift ideas, I would love to hear about them!

Brand New | 2012 Skinny Photo Calendar



Brand new to the Designer Digitals Store – 2012 Skinny Photo Calendar.

2012 Skinny Calendar | Photo Edition

You can pick it up HERE

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Crafting | Baby



This morning my husband asked what a good baby gift for 1st time parents would be.  And you know what?  I had no idea!  Which is pretty hard to believe since I’ve only had 4 babies, haha.  Has it really been that long since we were in our ‘baby daze’?  He gave me the budget and we started to brainstorm baby gift ideas.  I came up with Bumbo and Baby Bjorn.  He came up with diapers and wipes.  Thinking back, I absolutely loved the more practical gifts we received when we had Ellie (baby #4) because already had everything that you could possibly need to raise a baby.  But since this family is welcoming their first baby, I thought something fanciers than diapers + wipes was in order.  At least something more thoughtful.

This is what we came up with:
A set of 12 onesies.  Each with a simple monthly logo for how old baby is at that time.  Something super simple, yet thoughtful.  All you need is 12 onesies, light fabric transfer paper, a computer and a printer.  Start to finish this took less than an hour.

Blank onesie

Onesie + Month Logo | Key is to reverse the graphic before printing.

Onesies | First 3 months.

Packaged up and ready to be delivered.

Card featuring a pattern from Night Owl.

We hope that the new mom and dad enjoy their new bundle of joy – and their custom onesies!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, hope it has been awesome!  Have anything to share, I would love to hear it.


Pretty Party | Mint + Pink 1st Birthday Party



Good morning and hello!  So happy that you stopped by.  Today I’m sharing a wonderful party Mint + Pink birthday party created by my friend, Cherry.  Cherry is not only a great party planner, but she bakes yummy cookies and gives me and my girls the best haircuts – ever!

Her daughter, Callie, just turned 1 and she wanted to celebrate with a pretty party!

DIY Geronimo Balloon | I'm so doing this for my next party!

Mint + Pink Desserts

More SweetsSweet Treats for party guests

Pretty Sips

Love this | Pictures from the birthday girl's 1st year of life.

PomPom+ Fan Decorated Mirror

A closer look

View from the top

White Frame from Ikea | Ballons, Tissue Balls and Paper Straws from Shop Sweet LuLu | Tissue, Striped Straws, Drink Flags from Packaging Specialties | Invitation Suite from On To Baby

Sneak Peek | Pretty Party + Designs



Hello lovelies!  I’m so glad that you joined me today because I have 2 awesome sneak peeks!  The first is a small glance at tomorrow’s Pretty Party.  Mint + Pink.  So pretty!  And with Fall well underway, I’ve been inspired to design something to help capture memories from my favorite season.  They’ll be available at the Designer Digitals Store this weekend!

Sneak Peek | Callie's 1st Birthday

Sneak Peek | Salamat

Sneak Peek | Salamat

Happy Wednesday!  I hope you’ve all had a great week so far!

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